It is the most significant life event. The Rajyoga is associated with 9 th and 10 th house of the Kundli. Raj Yoga is formed when the lords of ninth and tenth house of the Kundli occupy auspicious spaces.

Raja Yoga - Jothishi

The existence of Raj Yoga in your Kundli means that the person will acquire lots of wealth and fame. As the name suggests, the person who will have a Raj Yoga in his horoscope will live an affluent life, just like a king.

Do you have this Rajayoga in your birth chart

Now, we will discuss Raj Yoga in detail and will find out exactly what situation lead to the formation of Raj Yoga in case of different ascendants. Aries : The ascendants of Aries will relish the benefits of Raj Yoga if Mars and Jupiter are positioned in the ninth or tenth house of a horoscope. Taurus : The formation of Raj Yoga for Taurus ascendants is represented by different planets. The presence of planets Venus and Saturn in ninth and tenth house of the horoscope respectively indicates Raj Yoga. For this ascendant the planet Saturn plays the role of Yoga karak.

Gemini : The presence of Raj Yoga in the horoscope of this ascendant is represented by the presence of planets Mercury and Saturn in ninth or tenth house. Cancer : The presence of Moon and planet Jupiter in the ninth and tenth house of the horoscope of Cancer ascendants is considered auspicious. Leo : The ascendants of Leo live a luxurious life when Sun and Mars are presence in the ninth or tenth house of the native. Virgo : The presence of Mercury and Venus in the ninth and tenth house of the horoscope leads to the formation of Raj yoga in Virgo descendants.

Important Rajyoga In Astrology

Libra : For Libra ascendants, the presence of Venus and Mercury in ninth and tenth house respectively formulates the presence of Raj Yoga in the kundli. Scorpio : For Scorpio ascendants, it is the presence of Sun and Mars in the ninth and tenth house of the horoscope of the native gives way to Raj Yoga. There is yet another formula, the presence of Mars and Moon in the ninth and tenth house of the horoscope is also considered auspicious.

The presence of both of these planets leads to the wealth and happiness. Capricorn : The presence of Mercury and Saturn in the ninth and tenth house of the horoscope of the ascendant leads to Raj Yoga. The italicized interpretations quoted below for the Mahapurusha Yogas are from an ancient Jyotish text named Phaladipika 3 , as presented in Light on Life. He will become renowned for his merits, will be a leader of an army, and will emerge victorious in all his attempts.

Adolf Hitler Fig. No doubt both Rudolf Steiner Fig. Bush Fig. The Dalai Lama Fig. Bill Gates Fig.

Along with the general Mercurial attributes of intelligence, ingenuity and knack for languages, ciphers and codes, the mercantile earthy and utilitarian aspect of Mercury is in his case conspicuous too. It is formed when Jupiter is located in Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer, while also being in an angular house 1, 4, 7, A theme of spiritual discernment is implied.


Naturally such a powerful Jupiter may make one a teacher of some kind, and indicates integrity and nobility of character. The venerable Nicholas Culpeper Fig. Jupiter in an angular house in particular even if not exalted or in own sign is said to cancel many adverse yogas in a chart. The mystical yet practical Rudolf Steiner Fig. He emerged as the leading figure of the Theosophical movement in Europe around the time his Jupiter Dasha 16 year long major period of Jupiter began. He will possess unperturbed senses.

The secret of Rajyoga in your Kundli!

Shasha Yoga is the Mahapurusha Yoga of Saturn. It is formed when Saturn is in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra while also being located in a Kendra angular house. Barack Obama Fig. Naturally an exceptionally empowered Saturn will help a political career. See below Fig. A quick note on Bhava Karakas.

A necessary digression for a full appreciation of this discussion on the Mahapurusha Yogas. The 4th House of the horoscope in Jyotish represents cars, vehicles and conveyances boats perhaps , over and above much of the other general significations for the 4th House shared with western astrology, such as the home, real estate, the mother some western astrologers would agree, others not , and so on.

The charts below Fig. He arrived by bicycle to our first meeting, which occurred about a year after he had begun his 20 year long Venus Dasha the major period of Venus, in which her role in the chart would blossom. You may always have had good vehicles, but the vehicles you will now have will be particularly good. Have you gotten a new car in the past year? It could easily have been quite wrong, or very much less spectacularly correct.

There is naturally great promise in the Dasha or planetary period of a planet forming a Mahapurusha Yoga.

Wealth, Money & Property Yogas In Horoscope

Without command of Mercury, 10th House aspirations are missing an essential ingredient; yet with a very empowered Mercury on the other hand, 10th House potential abounds. Needless to say many good people are born with Shasha Yoga in their charts. There are many types of combinations that constitute a Raja Yoga of some grade or other. Combinations of the 9th and 10th lords are considered particularly powerful. The 5th House, the heart, the bosom, the house of romance and play, is in its ideal manifestation a peak state of joy and exhilaration, and a type of completely honest and pure self-expression.

The 9th House is the ever expanding horizon of the ignited seeker, who transported thereby above and beyond limitations and gloom that oppress souls who cannot access this state. These Konas in Jyotish are considered distinctly auspicious. A king is one whose worldly actions are mandated by dharma. Success without error or sin due to misaligned intentions, methods and motives is the result. So this is a Raja Yoga of a kind in his 2nd and 8th Houses. Some Ascendants not all have a planet, apart from the Ascendant lord, that is lord of one Kendra and one Kona.

One born in Gajakesari Yoga will be splendorous, wealthy, intelligent, endowed with many laudable virtues and will please the king. Yogas that recur in the both the natal chart and the Chandra Lagna chart are thereby reinforced, as is the case with Mahatma Gandhi. Some yogas, such as Gajakesari Yoga, are specifically calculated from the Moon in addition to the regular Ascendant. Incidentally, transits through houses are regularly calculated from the Chandra Lagna. Some western astrologers would give this configuration a negative interpretation due to the negative connotations associated with the Square and Opposition aspects.

This yoga is formed when Moon and Mars occupy the same house. It is also widely considered to be present when the Moon and Mars are in opposite signs and houses, and thus in mutual aspect. That it should be a signature for wealth in a chart may surprise some, but that is what this combination promises, according to Jyotish tradition. It is true that in some cases it may come with some form of negative aggression, fights in the family, along the lines western astrologers would expect from a hard aspect of Moon and Mars, but, it also seems to imply a certain streetwise self-assertiveness that enables you to compete effectively, and thereby succeed in business.

I know of one case where a person exhibited all the love of fitness and grooming associated with Chandra Mangala Yoga, and started a little weight loss clinic, but she could never get it off the ground and was always lamenting: her Moon Mars union was located in the 12th House, with all the typical associated defeatism.

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His chart contains other impressive combinations that can raise you above others, or give you extraordinary worldly power. The two examples given above would yield very different stories. Parivartana Yoga powerfully links two houses in the natal chart. In the chart of Albert Einstein Fig. Einstein, fittingly, was offered the Presidency of Israel, but declined. Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of music, learning and the arts.

She is typically depicted holding a book, and a musical instrument.

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One with Saraswati Yoga in their natal chart can attain great heights in education, they can become extraordinarily erudite, they may excel in the arts and more or less any branch of learning they care to apply themselves to.